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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unedited Family Portraits

I love pictures! I love planning pictures and I have them all over my house. I don't enjoy getting mine taken but sometimes I have to join in. This year I got the great idea to make an expedition out of it and when Charlie & his crew were here for Christmas I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a whole group picture. For the last three years one of the girls has been pregnant so we knew that if we got a whole group it wouldn't be complete for very long. Now we are at six grand kids and no new one's due so Natalie called up this great place called Picture Innovations, and I instructed everyone to wear black and or white and we were on. Except for the fact that we were under a weather warning for snow and I was in the midst of the stomach flu it went off without a hitch. We actually had a great time. The place was big and open so the kids could run around in between and the photographer was pretty good with the kids. It was going so smoothly we decided to do small groups of each family. The only thing we didn't bother to try was the kids without an adult, we're just not that crazy. Maybe next year! These are just the rough copies off the cd. He edited the ones that we purchased (he had then ready for pick up in an HOUR so we all went to Five Guys for lunch)
The kids love to be together and want to play with each other. It's hard to tell them not to so we just went with it as much as possible.
We're holding on for dear life so we had to re think here.
Aren't these boys the sweetest thing? This was after bribing them with cookies though.
This is how they were most of the time.
No trouble with our sweet little girlsExcept that Jen would have liked Lily's trademark smile to be bigger like it usually is.

somebody catch that baby, she's falling! Jen hadn't gotten a brother/sister pic since Lily's first month so we did it while we were at it.
You can sure tell he loves his little sister!
They hadn't gotten a family picture yet either. Jen is our youngest at 26. Her & Shawn have been married since April 2005.

Their son, John Robert (Jack) was born while he was serving in Iraq 3-17-2008.
Charlie is our middle child. He was 30 in June and he & Michele got married in March 2007.

He worked for Saturn and when they went out of business a year and a half ago they moved to Ohio where Tom & I are from thinking the cost of living would be less.
Wyatt was 2 on Dec 23rd and Piper was born Oct.22nd.

Their parents want it known that they were NOT named after Charmed characters. That's where I got Grams from though.
Thomas is our oldest. We've known his wife, Natalie, since she was 15 and she feels like our daughter. They live across the street from us and we have been taking care of the girls for them while they work.
Ella is six now and was our only grandchild for four years. She is very close to her aunts & uncles and is a protective big cousin. Her 18 month old sister, Samantha, adores her.
I like how the sons flank their father and are interacting with their own children.
We are so blessed!

Thank you guys, We Love You!

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    you are beautiful!!!
    Love all of those, and you know I LOVE taking pics too!!!!
    Love family pics!!!
    love 5 guys burgers too!!!We have one somewhat close!!!