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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Enough Time to be Sad

Life goes on and we have sweeties here that need loving
Snack at Grams and Pops' house, chocolate and milk

Lily left her snowsuit behind for Piper and she didn't want to take it off

He really did love being a big brother for a few days.

Pops enjoyed having someone to snuggle too but he was still to heavy for him to carry (much anyway)

They want to know when we're getting another baby. Sami wants a girl next time

Ella is getting so old on her new scooter

Sami got one too, what was Santa thinking?

Another thing about not knowing how long a baby will stay
is not knowing how many supplies to get.
I guess we'll just be that much more prepared for next time.

Our Princess Star

Talking to Aunt Nenni

What are your numbers? I need to give you a shot..Measuring his insulin.

Sami's turn to talk to Aunt Nenni

Feeding the baby

She is such a good helper. We are so lucky!

Next post more on our Texans!

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