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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jack as Godfather Drosselmeyer

The last day of Pre-K in Maryland was very special for Jack. His class had been learning about The Nutcracker and were doing their own rendition in a room attached to their classroom and he was the godfather. We were all excited since we had seen the ballet together in December and it had been their favorite bedtime story since then.

It was very low key and the teacher made a point of telling us that the kids had a lot of input for the "stage"

We all had a great time!

 Then we got five of the kids all buckled in the van and Jen and I were pretty proud of ourselves until she realized she dropped the van keys somewhere. Twenty minutes later we found out Lily was sitting on them.

 It was not only the last time Jack would be with everyone,
it was the last week the boys would be with Thomas and Natalie.
 Memories being made.

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