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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Heart is Breaking

I already have my tickets picked out to visit them in March
They are on their way to Texas. I knew it would hurt but it's so lonely here. Jennifer and I were together all day every day and the house is so quiet without these two. Jack had tears streaming down his face as I buckled him in. They'll be happy to be their own family in their own house with their Daddy. I just can't stop thinking about how much the rest of us will be missing. We were so lucky not just to have the last year of every day with these two here and the two across the street but the three tears before that when they lived 20 minutes away. We shared her pregnancy and birth of Lily. and the cousins, well the cousins adore each other! Ella doesn't even remember when Aunt Nenni wasn't always there. What Ella is loosing is making me cry as I write.
I have a ton of pictures to post but blogger has a picture posting glitch and to be honest right now I'm not in the mood to spend hours downloading pictures maybe in a couple of days

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