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Friday, January 25, 2013

Saying Good Bye Part One

I'm finally up to braving all the pictures we took the last week Jennifer and the kids were here. They made a definite impact on a lot of people and will be greatly missed. We also know how lucky we were and still are to be the close family that we have become.
Jenifer wanted to do something special for Ella and Sami. Ella and Jennifer are so much alike such big hearts. We all had Ella for four years before the other kids came in quick succession and she holds a big part of all our hearts including all the little kids, everyone one that meets her loves her. She was a bit displaced when Jack took over 'her' room in our house but she was happy to do it.

So Jennifer aka Aunt Nenni (named by Ella when she was learning to talk and couldn't pronounce a 'J')
 made the girls their favorite things; pink steak and Mac and Cheese out of the box.

They even all slept in Nenni's room

They helped her clean out the craft drawer

a sleepover isn't a sleepover without popcorn

Bad thing, worse thing, Ella was starting to get sick and was unable to eat

So along with her Mito cocktail she was on an antibiotic and Ibuprofen

The good thing in it was she had to stay home the week from school so we got to spend our days with her

Jack was always wanting to come across the street with me to get the other kids ready for school and he did occasionally but the last week he came with me every morning

He even went to the school with me when I did "Book Club" with the boys

I let them spend a lot of time sitting on the couch with electronics, not my usual MO but

As it turned out it was our last week for two of our Foster Sweeties
More couch potato time

They'll always color.

Same story different house

Then We Went to Chuck E  Cheese

We didn't even realize this would be this little guys first visit to Chuck E Cheese. What fun to see his excitement

This is a big deal for Ella. She's come so far with her muscle strength

I haven't been able to get her braids to looks as good as Nenni did

He enjoyed his first visit so much we paid for him to have a visit there with his parents this week. They stayed on the big kids side though watchin his parents play instead of the other way around.

She was feeling much better by now but it was the end of the week so we kept her out of school. We did do school work though

chomping the tickets

Then Charlie and Michele came by

to say Good Bye

Hot Potato!

Lily's favorite position

Best friends, I hope they never loose this

Until we see you again

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