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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Six Short Days

Last Thursday morning we got a call from DSS asking if we had space for a baby. Of course we do! He is six months old and is being removed for neglect can you come get him now? Now? Yes, now. Like it was nothing. Alright we'll be right there. So foster son number four came to stay. We (Tom then Natalie then Thomas and finally me) went into the attic to pull the down all our baby supplies. This week end we finally had the house running smoothly with the two boys.
It was a very strange week end. This is the first time for a placement without Jen and her kids here and somehow it was very different. I felt more like a parent, a very old parent, instead of a grandparent.
This morning Tom took him to the Family Involvment Meeting (FIM) which is where they lay out the plan for the family. They decided that he would be leaving the meeting with his grandfather. WOW. Not sure I understand or agree with the whole system but it's not up to us to agree just take care of the children when they need us the most.

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