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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saying Good Bye Part Two

First I have to say I had pictures from a going away party that Thomas and Natalie gave to Jennifer the night before she left but I've been having some computer problems and they are stuck on the computer that's in the shop. You'll just have to believe me that allot of people are going to miss them.

He loves that cape that Nenni made for him and Lily loves her Texas hat

I let Jack eat his oatmeal out of my coffee cup on the couch
He likes his Texas hat too

I'm so going to miss waking up at 6:30am to the sound of her little voice singing Rock a Bye Baby to her baby doll.

I was there to witness her birth and have been so lucky to be able to spend these last 2 and a half years so close to her.

These two will always have a special bond. It hurts me to know what they will be missing in each others lives but we all move on.
I know they will always keep that bond no matter how far apart in miles

The oldest cousins

She doesn't remember a time without her Johnny
Add a hug from Nathan to lighten the mood. They have been part of our every day lives for 8 months and left themselves a couple of days later 

Just because we're not related doesn't mean we won't always be family

She always wants to hold Lily, another last i think

This was her first holding Lily. Cousin Love

He loved Lily too, maybe she reminded him of his own sister or maybe he just liked her toys

They had way too much stuff to take with them but these space bags were amazing!

a second after I took this picture Jack had big crocodile tears running down his face and I was trying so hard not to let them see me sad.
On The Road. See you later alligator

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