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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to Texas

We went back up to the mountains but this time we did it the easy way, by tram.
We also had run into Kohl's to exchange something and ended up getting the girls matching dresses.
I still have a couple of hundred pictures from my Texas visit, we had such a great time!

We had to stand in line for 45 minutes for a FOUR minute tram ride but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Of course Shawn had to make sure everyone was sprayed down with sun screen.

and of course with Shawn there's always a learning op

a rock

Sami missed her Nenni

He was playing 20 questions with them and had the people standing in line making guesses.

Our first sight of the tram, We rode on one when we were stationed in Colorado in the late 80's and this brought back some great memories.

Always taking pictures even if it's just of us standing in line.

Smiles all around except for Shawn telling us something about something. Love Him!

Once we got on the kids were amazed.


Great views

When we got to the top we had a little snack.
Sad the gift shop was closed.

Another teaching experience.

Shawn was really excited to do this but I think he was more excited than they were.

The breeze was great! I can't believe how hot I was all week.

I just love how comfortable these two were with each other.

"Look Johnny, a lizard!"

The thing was only 2 inches long but they loved watching it.

The other side of the mountain

and yet another teaching moment

They really did have a good time.

Look! I can see our house

Then back down to our starting point

cool hat

After all that heat we stopped by the PX mall for a run in the fountains

then back to the house to relax and prepare for the birthday party the next day


He got to open the gift Pops and I got him because he needed it before the party started

A Bouncy House!

You need help daddy?

ta da!

The end of another great day

While the kids were sleeping the grown ups were setting up for the party

Jack wanted dinosaurs and Mommy wanted cowboys so they did
Tyrannosaurus Tex

Sami's on bed number two. The kids thought they could jump on the first inflatable mattress. It didn't make it through the first day.

I miss going in and kissing this sweet face every night before I go to bed.

When she went to bed she kept my side of the bed free.

By the time i got there though she was all spread out. I didn't mind sharing with her.

Good Night Sleep tight

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  1. GREAT pictures! I am really glad Sami had a chance to go experience the Wild Wild West! Thanks Grams!