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Friday, April 26, 2013

Leaving Texas

My last full day in Texas we decided at the last minute to not do anything. Jen and I  took Lily shopping and to get a steak for lunch while Shawn let the big kids play together one more time then took them to a movie.
Had a great time with two of my girls. Bought Jen her Easter outfit. She's much easier to please than she was as a teenager.
Silly girl wanted to wear my glasses to read the menu.

Shopping wears a girl out. Maybe it was the quick high from the blue ICEE.

Then we met up with the rest of the group after their movie at the playground in the mall

The next morning we were all kinda down

We had such a bonding day the day before she didn't want to leave me.

I think she felt how sad I was getting. She got very upset when I left, crying and saying she wanted to come with me. I thought it was going to be Jack who was upset because he was telling Sami how far it was back to Maryland. To Sami, it just took a few hours to get to Texas. It took Jack five days to drive and he understands the distance a bit more.

Lunch at the airport.
At the airport gift shop we spied the confetti eggs we had gotten at Wal Mart to take back. We paid $1.84.
We had to get a new coloring book at the gift shop for ONLY $4. Nothing like a new coloring book, snack and drink from a gift shop.
She's an old hand at this flying thing now.

I did have to hold her to get her to nap though. I didn't mind.

I wish we could have gotten a video of her seeing her family when we got off the plane. She was so excited. Ella was glad to have her back!

The next morning she slept in a bit but things were back to normal for the most part.

He loved the outfit I brought back for him.

Wyatt liked his too. You can't really see his vest since his is black. I loved these vests we got at The Saddle Blanket souvenir store but it wasn't until later I noticed they were made in India, oh well.

While Charlie and Michele were visiting and Tom was taking Ella to school we got the phone call placing our little 'Z". So much for vacation.

She looked so sad those first few days. Couldn't get her to smile and she very rarely would look up.

So back to normal for the most part. Always something to do. Next trip to Texas will be June 12th and Tom will be taking Ella and then she will be flying back by herself so that she can spend some extra time there. I love my family!

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