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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Week Before Easter

He loves calling himself a big brother

 Coloring eggs in Maryland

after breakfast on Saturday we went across the street to color eggs in our pj's

Nik's family thinks it's funny that he talks about his P-jamas because they could never get him to wear anything but underwear.

We even had the little girl next door over

 and in texas too

 dressing up in Maryland

My cami was sitting out and she thought it made her look like Cinderella

 and in Texas too

we sent them these mustaches but it took longer thanusual to get their mail because someone broke into their post office

I love my Jack and I think he is adorable but that hair cut is a bit much
We went from matted hair on our baby Z

to this flowing soft head full of baby waves
It took 5 baths and two treatments with mayo

We finally got our new couch! Bad news, wrong color. I wanted cream. I said it's just stuff and it wasn't that big of a deal so i sent Tom to the store alone with just a picture. Oh well, everyone seems to like it OK. It's better than the flowered one we had far too long but wait, now that one is in our family room.

Our niece was sweet enough to send me this picture of my sister and her grandson when they visited her. He was only a couple of months old when his dad died.

Easter Bunny in Maryland

We tried a couple of times but the line was ridiculous. Nik wouldn't let it go so I got them there 10 minutes before he started for the day an there were already three people ahead of us.

and in Texas

Charlies' kids spend a lot of time with us since they are both working days

There's that lovely couch

Then we had our first snow of the season

Our Thing 1 and thing 2

he loved it!


then we got her to smile!

we love you already baby z


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