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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When most people look down and see a penny they probably just walk away. In our family, even the little ones we stop in our tracks, pick it up and say "love you too".  We feel like my dad is sending them from heaven for us.
When the kids were little they loved to sit with him in his chair. He liked to believe he was a great singer and 'Pennies from Heaven' was one of his favorites.
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The Christmas of 2006 Tom and I along with Thomas, Natalie and Ella went to spend Christmas with him in Ohio. He was lonely since it was just the second Christmas that my mother had been gone. He sang to Ella too.
January 16th I went back to Ohio to be with him while he some minor surgery to relieve a small clot in his leg. During the procedure his esophagus was torn and one bad thing happened after another

Robert Jarvis Penney 76 years
On Easter we all gathered to celebrate his life and on April 17th he left us to be to be in a greater place. We miss him but know that we will see him again. In the mean time keep those pennies coming.

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  1. Great Post! Love the pictures of Grandpa Bob--and love how you keep his memory going.