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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday

with love from Texas

We sent them a kitchen. Love sight to store

Mommy changed her dress before her huge peanut butter cup

We all went to church together and Charlie came back to our house for a snack before heading across the street for a cook out and egg hunt

with love in Maryland

she's loosening up more and we're getting more smiles
His favorite thing, new homework paper.

They were hidden in the bath tub!

She couldn't believe it was all for her.

She wore a dress our Ella had worn. So cute!

Just like brother and sister

a magnet!

We got the grands each a Dream Light

Not the best but it's all we have.

Piper loved all baby Z's princess toys

fun at uncle tommy's

The magnifying glass was a big hit too

When did I get such an old granddaughter?

Baby Z loves Aunt Natny

Bad timing for him to be able to eat but he just went in the living room and played antil it was time for his carbs and insulin.

Daddy's girl

Getting ready for the hunt

Peek a Boo

Papa and Grammy Bev watching from a distance

Even tough he can't eat it he still loves to sort it

Uncle Tommy bought his candy back from him.

That's not for you.

Great conversation

Natalie's mom came in from Kentucky for the week.

I think Piper comes by the princess attitude from her mommy.

Finally meal time. Hot dogs and chips. You can't tell by the picture but he was pretty excited.

Thank you guys it was a great day!

She was exhausted but I'm not sure how she got her "basket" in her baed.

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