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Monday, April 1, 2013


I thought I'd take a break in my Texas vacation to update on some current news. The morning after I came home from Texas we got a call from our worker at DSS. I asked if she had a baby for us. She said how about a two year old? Okay we're in. Looks like a little boy who's birthday is in June. Another boy about the same age as our Lily. Fun?

This is who we picked up, a little girl who will be two in June. a little off, a year younger and a different sex.  All the kids call her "Baby" and our Foster Son loves being a big brother.  Hope she gets to go to a loving family member in a month or two.

STAY TUNED, way more pictures to come
Tom had his monthly follow up this week and I am excited to report he no longer needs narcotics! After seven plus years of daily need this is a big deal. I am so proud of him for weaning himself off of them. He was also cleared of any immediate need to his cervical spine and of MS. They were concerned since he has little to no reflexes on any of his appendages but that seems to all be nerve damage. He still feel like crap so they took seven tubes of blood and are checking him for everything they can think of and it could still be some withdrawal. In other news, baseball season has started and that means he's back to work for the Ripkins and that's great medicine for him.
STAY TUNED for another update
last year at 'work'

Now to download all the Easter pictures and finish my Texas posts. STAY TUNED

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