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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday John Robert

The morning of John Robert's birthday party was no different from any of the other ones while I was there. I was still on Maryland time so I was up at 5:30 and he was up with me most mornings withing the first hour I was up.
It was still dark when the other kids got up and Daddy had let the air out of the bouncy house
Jen made this cool sign to show where the party was and the yellow ribbons still adorn the house. Shawn wasn't ready to take the ribbons down and get down to a normal life.

The kids were pretty pumped over the decorations

The cowboy for the quick draw game, silly string, with his dinosaurs corralled

playing dinosaurs inside the dinosaur tent

Shawn getting the campfire ready for the hotdogs

Samisaurus looking over the safe campfire for the marshmallows

Soon after this he decided to move the grill outside the fence for true safety.

The party started a little late. We were a little worried no one was going to show up. This is the first party that he didn't have the cushion of cousins to count on. Besides putting us off the schedule everythingthing went better than planned though.



Finger torture all around. What a hit!

Some of their fingers were too small though.

Even the moms had a great time with them

Only picture I got of the cake is upside down. It's It's Tyrannasaurus Tex.

Then there were water guns

The moms were a bit hesitant at first to let their kids play with guns but it was such innocent fun that they evem joined in.

Shawn got the big gun

Then the birthday boy got the big gun.

The we traded the water in for silly string

Shawn was organizing a 'quick draw' game with the silly string.

Thae game didn't last long and neither did the silly string.

Then we had cake

and presents

a great time was had by all

Then we had naps and got ready for dinner.

More hotdogs.

I even shared my cheese.

Since we had no real campfire for marshmallows, Shawn put them in the microwave.

Then Shawn got the mail and Jack had three cards and a package.

Thank you Nikolai, Uncle Chuckles and Grandma Joyce & Grandpap Steve.

Thank you Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie for the stomping dinosaur slippers

A great day and another celebration the next day for his actual birthday.Sunday March 17th

Birthday breakfast

Look what we got at church. Just like home.

 Then we went to the PX complex to celebrate St. Patrick's day

St.Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without green beer. Even though Shawn thought it was over priced.

Lily made a friend

They had a leprechaun who led us in some games and dances.

A trip to the PX means getting wet.

They filled up their hats with water.
Jack and Shawn were missing in action. They had to run back to the house for a delivery of fruit from Chicago.

You would think we would have figured out to bring towels with us when we went to the PX. Oh well, Nenni shared her sweater.

They're back. Ok, now time to go open presents.

Talking to Papa on the phone.

From his Chicago family!

Always time for the Ipad
Talking to Grandma Sharon & GG

Shawn skyped the opening of the presents for his family. Sami loved seeing them too.

Lily was being shy though.

The kids loved the fruit basket, especially the chocolate covered ones.

Presents from Mommy and Daddy.

The outside for the big surprise.

Jen was a bit irritated that Chicago got a better view than me but we get the idea. We don't need a perfect picture. So great they could share the moment.

I think Daddy enjpyed Jack's toys as much as he did.

Sharing my pecans with Lily.

Facetime with Maryland

He picked spaghetti and meatballs for hid birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday Lucky Monkey. I was so glad to be there to share it with you.

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