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Monday, April 15, 2013

T Ball and Stuff

 Soccer is over and T-ball has started. Tom got invited to be the coach for the 4-6 year old team that both Wyatt and Nik are on and after a slight hesitation and not much thought about how much time it would really take he said yes. He then asked Thomas to help out just on the days he couldn't be there. So started the twice a week practices. 
Papa coaching Wyatt
Papa coaching Wyatt's daddy

Then came Opening Day and guess who couldn't make it?

Coach Thomas filled in and did a great job.
More work than he bargained for when he agreed to help his dad.

She still doesn't smile a lot and looks down when you try to get eye contact

Coach Thomas brought his whole family along

The parade

Coach Thomas, keeping them motivated

The assistant coach bringing up the rear with the rest of the team.
Yes, that's ME
Wyatt's other Grandma and some cousins showed up to cheer him on

to the stadium for the opening ceremony


Thomas was sending pictures to Wyatt's daddy because he had to work too

Wyatt was the smallest one but he did a great job

We are the Indians

There was some confusion if our team was actually going to play. So Thomas went to each coach until he found one that thought they were suppose to play us, the Oriels


The game

"run THAT way"



He scored, of course they ALL did. His mommy was there to watch too

The boys

It was a great day, we all had fun.

We did a couple of other things this week too

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I took Sami to Ella's book club at Ella's school for breakfast and we got there a bit early so we played on the playground

I got this great idea to put sand in the water table until it gets warm enough for water

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Then the kids got into it and we lost 1/4 of the sand the first day

It was worth it though, they love it.

The playground

I don't think she was ever in a swing before. I got a huge smile when I pushed her the first time but then she wouldn't look up at me.

A week wouldn't be a week if we didn't have a DR appointment and a trip tp McDonalds with a toy.

Natalie went with Ella's class to the zoo this week too. Love Them!

Having some emotional issues with this little guy lately. Breaks my heart. Couldn't get him an eval until June.

of course we're always in touch with our texas sweeties

We send them at least a package a week with something small  and it looks like she liked the box as much as the finger paint inside.

He sure is cute but it definatly reminds us we need to thank these guys that have to wear things like this to protect our freedom.

Still working on the posts for my trip to Texas. At this rate I won't be done before Papa's turn to go in June.

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